Learning Support
Devenish College prides itself on being an inclusive school where pupils of varying abilities and talents are educated together.  We support children who experience difficulties in accessing the curriculum so that they can develop and realise their full learning potential.  The Learning Support Team comprises of the SENCo, Assistant SENCo, Learning Support Teacher and Classroom Assistants.

All barriers to learning whether due to literacy, numeracy, physical or emotional problems will be addressed effectively in Devenish College.  Students who receive additional help are not set apart from the mainstream of everyday College life but they work at a level suited to their ability.

As well as planning differentiated lessons to meet the needs of our students, we offer additional help through in–class support provided by our SENCo and Classroom Assistants.  We have a team of dedicated and experienced Classroom Assistants who support the pupils in the classroom and whilst moving around the school.  As well as providing help with pupil’s class based activities, they assist in the development of the pupil’s organisational skills and provide emotional support and reassurance.

All pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Need will have an Individual Education Plan.  This will target the child’s individual needs and progress is monitored regularly throughout the year. The SENCo also maintains close links with Education Psychology and the Education Authority to ensure all available resources are accessed for each child.

In class support is provided primarily for pupils with a Statement of SEN who have been officially designated ‘an appropriate level of adult support’ by the Education Authority. Subject teachers and Classroom Assistants work in partnership within the classroom, making these pupils’ learning a priority.  In some instances pupils work in a reduced curriculum and avail of additional support in our Learning Resource Centre.  The staff in the Resource centre offer a wide variety of support including literacy, numeracy and operate a lunch club primarily for year 8 pupils. 

Additional support arrangement are in place throughout all the Key Stages, to facilitate pupils whose individual learning needs would otherwise hinder access to exams. This includes extra time provision, readers, prompters and scribes where deemed appropriate.

Transition planning and support is actively implemented for pupils with a Statement of Special Educational Need from Year 10 upwards in conjunction with our Careers Department to ensure adequate information, advice and guidance.

We will liaise very closely with your child’s Primary School and yourselves as parents to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible. All pupils with a Statement of SEN will have an individual annual review meeting where parents, students, SENCO and Classroom Assistants (if applicable) meet to discuss the child’s progress and ensure that we are delivering the best educational provision to suit the needs of your child.  Our Learning Support is a major strength of our school.