STRIVE  to be the best you can be
and with  SUPPORT
you will  SUCCEED

Ethos of the School


Devenish College aims to provide an inclusive child centred learning environment where students mature and develop into confident, successful and responsible citizens ready to play a positive role in a 21st century society.

We achieve this through:
  • respecting all others and displaying Christian values
  • treating each other in a fair and reasonable manner, and being approachable and open
  • adults ensuring that they are positive role models
  • enjoying learning in all its forms throughout our lives
  • encouraging everyone to strive to be the best they can possibly be
  • providing support and challenge in equal measure
  • recognising all successes and achievements on a regular basis
  • constantly evaluating what we do
  • maintaining clear and consistent boundaries
  • developing enriching, dynamic and creative experiences
  • developing strong links between the school, home and the community